Parcel Pro now offers more than secure shipping.

Now one company can insure your high-value shipments — and protect your business from risks throughout your entire supply chain. From Jewelers Block and Cyber Liability to Trade Credit Protection, even helping retailers move cash to and from their banks, count on Parcel Pro to deliver the insurance products and financial services you need.

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Parcel Pro understands the unique needs and risks specific to the jewelry and collectibles industry. We offer solutions based on sound expertise and technology, designed to maximize efficiency and transform efforts into real results.

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Whether you’re a small town jewelry retailer or the largest jewelry store chain in America, Parcel Pro has an insured shipping solution for you. Our unique services are designed to meet the specific needs of each jewelry industry sector.

Online Shipping
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With the API (Application Programming Interface) Solution, Parcel Pro makes it easy for developers to create and customize an online shipping application for your business. Sign up for API

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Access all the benefits of our web tools in the palm of your hand. Parcel Pro’s mobile app allows you to ship and insure your goods when you’re on the move.

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