Whether you’re a small town jewelry retailer or the largest jewelry store chain in America, Parcel Pro has an insured shipping solution for you. Our unique services are designed to meet the specific needs of each jewelry industry sector.

Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distribution Centers

Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distribution Centers share a unique need to integrate their operating systems (inventory, invoicing, purchase orders, etc) with the transit of goods to and from their locations. Parcel Pro offers an API solution—a seamless integration of large operating systems with our very own shipping module, allowing you to utilize our latest security tools and features. We also specialize in international import shipping, and Parcel Pro offers import coverage and services from various countries. To learn more about our intuitive API solution and how to integrate our shipping tools with your operating system, click here.

Diamond & Gemstone Dealers

Parcel Pro knows that shipping to and from established jewelry districts can be difficult due to the high risk of theft. For this reason, we offer local pick-up and delivery services within New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami jewelry districts. Our expertise in risk management and security procedures have proven to prevent loss. Parcel Pro’s online services provide loss prevention tools for both domestic and international insured shipping.


E-commerce (E-tailers)

Selling precious goods over the internet requires specialized handling in transit since many of these shipments go to residences or first time buyers. As experts in risk management, Parcel Pro provides online tools to help identify residential, commercial, and unknown addresses, preventing potential losses. Shipments to residences are required to obtain proper signatures to ensure safe and secure delivery to the correct recipient. Our API solution is ideal for the E-commerce business, allowing integration of your operating system with our online shipping module. To learn more about the API solution, click here.


Trading internationally can be a tedious process, requiring knowledge of various documentation procedures including restricted commodities per countries, duty and tax law, export notifications (AES), as well as importation documents (commercial invoice, NAFTA certificates, Kimberley Process, etc). At Parcel Pro, we are well versed in the procedures of international shipping and can assist you with documentation and all required aspects of the process. With offices overseas, Parcel Pro assists with vendor shipments via our Asia offices, communicating, coordinating and consolidating your imports for more cost effective shipping.

Retailers & Chain Stores


Jewelry Retailers use Parcel Pro for daily shipping: to and from stores, replenishing stock from distribution centers and vendors, return shipments, as well as sending merchandise out for repair and appraisal. Our online web tools are easy to use and our built-in loss prevention features are tailored specifically for today’s jeweler. Download Retail ebrochure

Chain Stores

At Parcel Pro, we understand that controlling costs and monitoring the transit of inbound merchandise from hundreds of vendors is a complex process. That’s why we’ve designed a specialized web service for jewelry retail chain stores, allowing each vendor unique access to your retail chain’s shipping platform to create all shipping documents for transit. This allows for effective management to assess time in transit needs, departure and arrival notice, control over shipment type, value, as well as minimizing insured transportation costs for all inbound shipments from a single point.

Private Collectors

Established private collectors have benefited from Parcel Pro’s insured shipping services for many years. If you trade in collectible jewelry and watches and would like to take advantage of the same insured shipping benefits as professional jewelers, click here to learn more about our online services. Parcel Pro also provides insured shipping for domestic and international shipments