Shipping Insurance Services

Insured shipping is our specialty

We’re experts in shipping insurance services for luxury jewelry, loose stones, diamond shipping, wristwatches, designer couture brands, and collectibles. Our service is also ideal for shipping and insuring such goods as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cell phones, electronics, equestrian saddles, and an array of other valuables*. Parcel Pro helps protect your shipments with a combination of parcel shipping insurance services, secure pickup and delivery, and security best practices. When you need to ship jewelry internationally or domestically, we’ve got you covered.

  • UPS® jewelry shipping coverage as well as multi-carrier coverage of small package shipments up to $150,000 in the U.S., and $100,000 to and from select countries and territories. Higher limits may also be available with UPS with prior authorization.
  • Sensitive word deletion on labels, auto re-routing of shipments from high-theft areas, and address validation help mitigate theft.
  • Armed guard pickup and delivery in select jewelry markets provide added security.
  • Proactive package tracking identifies potential delays and keeps you informed of key milestones.
  • Friendly in-house claims support to assist in timely filings.
  • No set-up charges and no annual fees.
  • Call 888-683-2300 today for a quick consultation on options for your company.

Items other than luxury jewelry, loose stones, wristwatches, designer couture brands, and collectibles require pre-authorization prior to shipment.