Risk Management

Providing secure transit to the jewelry industry over the past 17 years, risk management and loss prevention is an integral part of our process at Parcel Pro. We provide risk management applications at all stages of transit—from initial compliance with proper packaging and labeling, to in-transit security procedures that involve routing, tracking and tracing, as well as our quick response to shipments delayed or lost in transit.

At Parcel Pro, we protect our clients’ shipments from greater potential risk by monitoring the carrier’s shipping patterns and losses, pre-alerting shipments that may be affected by more frequent potential losses, and implementing controls at these instances.

Our pro-active process of anticipating potential problems in an effort to avoid risk is highly effective in reducing loss. We also provide direct instruction and guidance to our clients regarding the safety of their shipments and educate our customers on shipping materials, packaging requirements and proper labeling.

Parcel Pro also takes into consideration the costs associated with risk management, carefully weighing the benefits and costs in an effort to provide the best risk management solution for your business.

Loss Control -- Tracking and Tracing

We track and trace your shipments utilizing intelligent software that searches anomalies and exceptions on shipments in transit and those not delivered. Although shipping delays do occur (such as weather related delays, mechanical delays, and delays in customs), we closely monitor delays and communicate with the carriers until safe delivery. Our risk management team is quick and responsive in mitigating potential losses and keeping you informed of all tracking and tracing efforts.

Claims Services

Parcel Pro offers assistance with the claims process through notification of carriers, document gathering, and communication with insurance underwriters. Our claims procedures are streamlined for efficiency and quick processing.

Risk Management Web Tools

  • Sensitive Word Deletion

    This feature automatically searches and removes sensitive wording from your shipping label that reveals the content or the value of the content. Sensitive words such as jewelry, watch, diamond, necklace, gold, silver, Rolex, Cartier, etc., are removed to deter pilfering and prevent theft.

  • Auto-Rerouting/Redirecting Shipments for Safe Transit

    In order to reduce the loss of packages delivered to high theft areas, Parcel Pro utilizes special receiving locations, hand delivering your goods to these locations.

  • Address Validation

    We provide address validation for shipments created on www.parcelpro.com, minimizing delay in transit or non-delivery and also reducing costs associated with address corrections.

Proper Packaging for Safe Shipment

To prevent loss, your packaging needs to be both efficient and secure. Parcel Pro provides a detailed guideline of how to package and ship safely.

The new Parcel Pro web site is a remarkable tool for our company. Its intuitive and easy to use interface has made our shipping and insuring procedure much faster. The processes of tracking follow-up and even managing our client's shipping information has been significantly upgraded from any other web sites we have ever used before. - Yanir Gvirtzman, Divino