Online Shipping

Parcel Pro’s website is tailored specifically to meet the insured shipping needs of the jewelry industry. Our unique, intuitive web tools are designed to help you increase efficiency, prevent loss, and manage visibility when shipping and insuring your valued goods.

Innovative Web Tools for Today’s Jeweler

  • Express Address Book

    The Express Contact drop-down feature allows you to streamline your shipping—the address automatically populates when you select an intended recipient.

  • Frequent Recipient Listing

    We offer a toolbar with your most frequent ship-to locations for quick processing.

  • Visibility for Goods Shipped

    Our website allows you to view and search recent and past shipments, follow progress in transit, and access delivery information without having to contact the carriers.

  • Email Shipping Labels

    When you need to send a shipping label for the occasional drop shipment, traveling salesperson, or return item, you can easily email the label for shipping.

  • Multiple Ship-From Locations

    Parcel Pro’s website offers the ability to create multiple ship-from locations, allowing users to select alternate locations from a drop down menu.

  • Vendor/Guest accounts

    Manage vendor accounts by requesting vendors use your shipping module to send shipments. Creating a vendor/guest account enables you to know when your goods are due to arrive, the location they are shipped from, and when they’re received. Authorized vendors or guest shippers may create shipping labels on your account without giving them access to other portions of your Parcel Pro account, such as your shipping records or address book. Vendor/guest accounts allow you to control the transportation type, max coverage, and also gain visibility of your shipments.

  • Drop Shippers

    Create drop shipments labels on your Parcel Pro account with your operating controls in place. With this feature, you can pre-select the shipper’s name, service type- time in transit, value shipped, the address books, and ultimately the costs of insured shipping.

E-Reporting Makes Insuring Easy

E-Reporting allows for shippers currently using FedEx Ship Manager or UPS WorldShip to electronically transmit shipping data and requests for coverage. No need to fax or phone in shipment details. E-reporting improves data accuracy, creates data integrity and saves time. Start using e-Reporting today.

Manage Your Account - Paperless Billing

  • E-invoice

    Parcel Pro sends invoices via email and makes billing statements available through your member account at . Save time and postage, avoid late fees, and make the eco-friendly decision to go paperless.

  • Bill Pay Online

    The fast, convenient, and secure method for paying your bills online—no envelopes, no stamps, no delays! Manage your accounting and avoid late fees by processing your payments online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Parcel Pro Mobile App – Shipping On The Go

Access all the features of our website in the palm of your hand. Parcel Pro’s mobile app allows you to ship and insure your goods from your smart phone.

I find the new website easy to use, with many great new features. I particularly like the express contact option, and that the estimated shipping cost is shown for each shipment. - Jennifer MacLean